Photography Workshops on Line


“There is a great deal of satisfaction gained from being able to use your camera and getting the results you actually want.

Your camera is an expensive purchase. Get the very best from it, and enjoy this wonderful new hobby.”

Overcome your Camera Confidence doubts..

  1. *Master Shutter Speeds to create interest and dynamism .

  2. *Learn to be creative by using Aperture to control the depth of your images.

  3. *Understand ISO and use it to get the best results for your images.

  4. *Be confident in using all three controls together to get the images you really want.

  5. *Learn to add interest to your images by creative use of Composition techniques  and more...


Confused by all those numbers ?

f4.5,  1/200sec,  200mm, 250 ISO?

What do they all mean?

What do they do? How can I use them?

By the end of this course, you’ll get all the answers you need to take control of your camera. You will be well on your way to using all the possibilities as second riding a bike, or driving a car!

You’ll find clear explanations of Exposure, and be taken through Aperture settings and what they effect.

Shutter Speed is next with examples of what happens when you take charge of it . ISO wraps up the trio and you’ll see just how all three work together