Photography Workshops on Line

On line, at your own time $15.99

If you are confused by all the numbers and letters that are on the dials of your camera, this short series of workshops will get you using them confidently.

You’ll understand what is meant by terms such as Depth of Field, but more importantly how to use it so you can get the shot you really want. You’ll be in control!

The series of 5 topics included in this workshop


*the Shutter

*the Aperture


*Lens and Focal length

Once you have mastered these, you are well on the way to having really satisfying experiences with your DSLR.

Grab a pen and paper to take notes, and start learning your new skills today.

Just $15.99 aud

This introductory series of workshops will give you all the skills needed to take control of your camera, from using aperture, adjusting shutter speeds to understanding ISO and being able to select the better lens to use.

“There is a great deal of satisfaction gained from being able to use your camera and getting the results you actually want.”